All the questions and answers related to the DAOventures product and DVD governance token


What is DAOventures?

DAOventures is DeFi ETF Index Fund for fund managers and crypto investors.
Its mission is to make DeFi simpler, more accessible, and inclusive. DAOventures provides baskets of auto-compounding LPs, upon innovatively designed crypto ETF index funds.

What products/services does DAOventures provide?

We curate and design a secure and easily accessible platform offering a basket of compounding LP products so that investors can rest secure that their crypto assets are maximizing returns without hassle and time-consuming management.

How does DAOventures make profit?

There are 2 types of fees that we charge.
  • 0.5%-1% network fee on funds deposited to the DAOventures strategies for operational and development cost.
    Deposit below $50,000 USD = 1%
    Deposit between $50,000.01 USD to $100,000 USD = 0.75%
    Deposit over $100,000 USD = 0.5%
  • 20% profit sharing fee with the DAOventures protocol sustainability and the DVD DAO community pool.
    8% goes to Community profit sharing via DVD buyback on Uniswap or other DEXs and shared with users via DVD staking
    8% goes to the DAOventures treasury to for operational costs
    4% goes to the DeFi strategist
The fees go into the DAOventures treasury contract that is controlled by a multi-sig wallet to ensure transparency and reinvested back into the project for long term success.

Why do I need to approve before the deposit?

This is to authorize our products to utilize your tokens. Be careful of products that never ask you to approve first before deposit!

Is there any Liquidity Provider (LP) token received after depositing?

Yes, the amount of Liquidity Provider token is proportional to your deposit amount in total locked value.

What is the vault-strategy?

It is an interaction method between vault and strategy. A Vault is a place where users interact with, for example, deposit and withdraw tokens. These tokens will be sent to strategy by vault. Strategy is a place to do all the yield farming stuff.

So, the token is sent to strategy by vault? Why don't users send tokens directly to strategy?

This is because we don’t want users to do anything when there is a change in strategy. Change in strategy is needed when we upgrade to a higher yield strategy or vesting the strategy when there is a problem in the product. Traditionally, users need to withdraw all tokens and deposit them into a new strategy when a change in strategy, but with vault-strategy mode, our team will help to move your funds to a better strategy.

Is this safe? How risky is this?

Our Smart Contracts are audited by independent third party top-tier auditors. You can find our audit reports here: https://github.com/daoventures/dao-audits
Before deciding to participate in any investment, however, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, strategies and your risk appetite. Most importantly, do your own research before the investment.


What is DAOventures’ Governance Token?

DVD, the DAOventures DeFi token
DVD is a governance token which can be used by the holders to vote, propose, and approve any consensus or proposal that governs the DAOventures protocol. It is deflationary in nature and to ensure a fair launch, no pre-mining was done for the team and advisors. It can also be traded in the secondary market with prices decided upon by the free market.

What is the purpose of $DVD governance token?

  • $DVD is created with a 100% fair launch. There is no pre-mining for the team & advisor, heck, we pay for the security audits and development ourselves.
  • We also believe in long-term success by encouraging more market participation into DAOventures as supporters. Hence, the deflationary distribution model, with low daily inflation rate to market selling pressure. Simple and proven to work!

How do I acquire $DVD governance token?

You can buy it from the secondary market i.e., Uniswap or Quickswap pool.



Tokens from Treasury wallet: 7.4m tokens
  • 1.4m tokens for DAOventures team
  • 500k for DVG-DVD upgrade related emergencies
  • 5.5m tokens for DAOvip and Uniswap DVD/ETH LP stakers reward distribution

Multi-Sig Approvers

  • Total 9 signatures for Multi-Sig approvers (using Gnosis Multi-sig)
    • Nomination to be confirmed by co-founders; Alvin Foo and Victor Lee
    • Weights are a mixture of the core team, initial LPs, and ‘active+engaging' DAO community members.
  • Quorum parameters:
    • Approve == 5 of 9 multi-sig.
  • All approvals will be published on DAO smart contract to ensure transparency.

Technical Support

I sent my ETH transaction but it says pending? How do I fix this?

  • You should always make sure to set your gas properly if you want a transaction to go through quickly. Check current gas prices at Ethgasstation or gasnow.
  • If you're using MetaMask and you put your transaction through but it's going too slow, you have the option to speed it up by clicking the speed up button below your last pending transaction under "activity". This should resend the same TX again with a higher gas price to get it confirmed faster.
  • If you've tried everything and your transaction is still stuck pending, you can fix it by sending a transaction to the nonce of the first stuck transaction with a high gas price to overwrite the stuck queue. Here's a good guide explaining how to do this.

Why is the withdrawal fee so high?

If you're seeing higher than normal fees then it may be due to Ethereum congestion and abnormally high gas costs. Check Ethgasstation. If the gas prices are crazy high, that means there is an error and the transaction will not be able to process.

Gas fee is too high. Can I deposit without paying gas?

Fret not, we have a Happy Hour which is 9am - 10am UTC every day, where you can deposit gas free. We’ve got you covered.


If you have questions about what it is, who we are, or how to operate then we can help:
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